Alarming Global Statistics

The Global Gender Gap Report is published by the World Economic Forum and was first produced in 2005.  The Report analyses four critical areas of inequality between men and women in 130 economies globally, which covers over 92% of the world’s population.  The four areas include:

1.  Economic participation and opportunity – salaries, work participation, and access to employment

2.  Educational attainment – access to basic and higher level education

3.  Political empowerment – representation in governments

4.  Heath – including life expectancy

I’m sure many of us would assume that Australia would rank higher than most other countries globally (certainly higher than most developing countries) in the areas of Women’s Health, Education, and even political empowerment.   Economic participation and opportunity is another story which I blogged about in October.

Big Picture:

Australia scored 72% overall – which is ranked 23rd- not terrible, but lower than I would have thought.   Not surprisingly, the Scandinavian countries fared well:  Iceland 85%, Norway 84%, Finland 83% and Sweden 80%.  Our sibling that is NZ came in above us at 78% (we hate that, don’t we?!)

Other countries that surpassed us included:  Philippines, South Africa, Sri Lanka and Mozambique.  And we beat Cuba, Namibia, and Mongolia only by a whisker (about 0.5%).

Australia is in fact going backward.  In 2006, we ranked a much higher 15th.