Finder Keeper Collector Seeker

Finder Keeper Collector Seeker install shot. The show was really beautiful and there were plenty of people at the opening. Andy Mullens curated the show and did a fabulous job! The works I made were specific to the show and I tried something crafty and new with some photos I took in Tasmania. I used a darkroom matting technique made of a piece of cardboard with a circle cut-out. The images were exposed separately and the result looks like a sort-of collage style flat c type image. I was really happy with them and glad I got to show these pics from Tassie. 




insta fun!

Queensland Centre for Photography Show!

So our group exhibition, '#Bombala' has been installed and is currently showing at the QCP in Brisbane! Very exciting. I aim to go and see it next week. Nervous about the install as we had to leave it in the hands of the pros, but I do trust they made us look great so...mmm..

Foggy Days

'I believe a lot of our lives are spent asleep, and what I've been trying to do is hold on to those moments when a little spark cuts through the fog and nudges you.'
- Rufus Wainwright


New Website!

New website, new content to come. I am in the process of scanning in all my negatives which is a very gruelling task. I have also just been asked to do a show at the Front Gallery in Lyneham in 3 days so I have to hit the darkrooms and whip up some fancy prints for this show. Loving printing at the moment it gives me good thinking time. Plus I get to 'read' loads of audiobooks and watch light do its thing to light sensitive paper, which still rocks my world. Exciting things to come so stay tuned!